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Zero G Arena is an online multiplayer 3rd person shooter with zero gravity. Players can run on magnetic platforms, or turn off their magnet to float.

When floating, players can use a “Grapple Beam” to pull themselves towards surfaces, or to use their momentum to swing around corners or objects.

The zero gravity mechanic is supported by ragdoll physics.

The current state of Zero G Arena

Zero G Arena is currently in Early Access. The ultimate feature set is still undetermined, so I can’t tell you how much longer it’ll be in Early Access. Most people find it pretty playable in it’s current state though.

About the developer

Zero G Arena is developed by Jonathan Wood, who is also developing this “about the developer” section, so will henceforth refer to myself in the first person.

Zero G Arena is my first commercial game, and my second non-trivial game project. I got into programming on a physics foundation year at university, and spent the following summer working on the aforementioned non-commercial game project, a 2d top-down space shooter type thing. I had such a great time doing this that I decided to have a go at commercial game development, so instead of going on to do a physics degree, I started learning to use UE4 and experimenting briefly with various game ideas before starting work on what would become Zero G Arena. Two and a half (or something) years later, so far so good.

For the most part, it’s been just me working on Zero G Arena, although people have made some assets for me here and there. These are all listed in the credits.