Dev blog #5 (3rd June 2016)

All the issues I’d had getting the game up on steam were resolved shortly after last week’s dev blog. The game might just have been set to be released the Wednesday after, as planned, except upon testing with two very helpful steam users, we encountered a bug where the game either crashes, or players are disconnected when two players or more join a listen server. This later turned out to be two separate bugs, both of which I’ve since been able to fix. I wouldn’t have been able to fix it without the help of a whole bunch of Steam users, who helped me reproduce the problem, so thanks again to anyone who helped with the testing this week. Some more good news is that with the bugs fixed, the game seems to run very well online (I’ve had problems before with characters jittering and the like, but it seems pretty smooth now).

The demo should be out any day now, but I’m reluctant to set a firm release date yet, in light of all the surprise problems that keep showing up.

Here’s a list of things I’m aware of that need doing before I can release the demo:

-There is still one major issue that’s not yet fixed where a couple of steam users reported Steam crashing as soon as they started the game. Very strange that this should only happen for a couple of people. Also very strange that it should happen as soon as the game starts, because very little, if any code I’ve written will have been run by then. I might have to release the demo anyway, and see if I can determine the common factor once more users have had the problem. Let me know if that sounds awful.

-I need to start renting, and set up the dedicated servers.

-There is also a minor issue with the server list menu, where the ping always shows up as 9999. This is a confirmed UE4 bug that is fixed for UE4.11 (ZGA currently uses UE4.10), but it is a colossal faff updating to the next engine version, so I will probably either try and incorporate the fix into my engine build, or just leave the problem alone for now.

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