Devblog #8 (25th June 2016)


Current cause for delay of demo is issue with dedicated servers that I am waiting for a response from Valve on.

In the absence of anything else I can do to speed up the release of the demo in the meantime, I’ve been working on some general improvements and additions:

  • -Hopefully have configured steam to stop overwriting character customisation every time I update the game. Am yet to upload update though, so haven’t tested this yet.

  • -Fixed a bug where clients were unable to pick up more railgun ammo after the first time. Thanks to the testers who found this bug.

  • -Made the volume more even between weapons

  • -Added volume controls (or rather wired up the unimplemented volume controls)

  • -Updated to the latest version of the Unreal Engine. This was a huge faff and took several days. Hopefully it will have fixed some of the unreal engine bugs the game is suffering from.

  • -The third party menu I’m using has some new features for the new engine version, so I re-added the latest version to the game. The new features that I’ve been able to make use of are bloom, gamma and brightness settings. There was also a key-rebinding system, but I did not particularly like the way it worked, so I’m doing my own.

  • -Started work on a key-rebind menu. Should be done in the next couple of days.

Assuming Valve get back to me early next week and it results in the dedicated servers working and I have time to actually rent and set up some servers and the 8 player test does not reveal any major problems, the demo could be out at the end of next week. My personal prediction is that none of those things will happen.


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