Devblog #9 (3rd July 2016)

Here is an extract from last weeks entry: “Assuming Valve get back to me early next week and it results in the dedicated servers working and I have time to actually rent and set up some servers and the 8 player test does not reveal any major problems, the demo could be out at the end of next week. My personal prediction is that none of those things will happen.”

Would you believe it, I was right, none of the conditions were met. In fact, in every case they were even more not-met than I imagined. Valve not only did not get back to me early in the week, but did not get back to me at all. Also the 8 player playtest did not reveal and major problems, because it did not happen at all.

I spent most of last week updating to Unreal Engine 4.12 in the hope that some of the UE4 bugs from 4.10 would be fixed. As it turns out, none of the ones affecting my game were fixed. Also, a lot of new bugs in my game appeared after updating. It was quicker to just revert to UE4.10 again than fix them, so that’s what I did, undoing several days of work. I then had to re-implement everything I had added since updating to 4.12.

It has not been a particularly good week.

I am getting increasingly concerned about how long it is taking to get the demo out. I have reason to believe progress on the game will speed up substantially after the demo’s out and working though. Nonetheless, I very much doubt I’ll be able to meet my originally intended release date of August/September this year.

Anyway, the good news is at least the control editing menu is done.

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