Devblog #11 (19th July 2016)

You may already be aware that the long delayed demo will now be arriving in the form of free early access. This is because it turns out Steam’s demo system is probably not suitable for what I was planning with the demo. A Valve employee recommended free early access instead. The principle difference being that anyone who downloads the game in early access for free will get the full version without paying any more. I think this will work out the best for the game in the long run, as my hope is it will help in establishing a player-base early on, which is absolutely vital to a multiplayer-only game.

I seem to have neglected to log what I’ve been doing for most of last week for some reason. I’ve definitely been very busy, but I cannot for the life of me remember what with. Probably research into early access or something, which I may not have felt compelled to log, seeing as that’s not direct progress on the game.

Anyway, I’ll be pushing towards the early access release as fast as possible now. Probably next week rather than this one, seeing as early access is sort of an official release of the game, I believe there are some legal things I might have to sort out.

In any case, I am planning to make one new addition at least, before early access, which is team deathmatch. One good reason for this is that it will be much faster to add other game modes after this one, as I need to rearrange some architecture first. Hopefully I’ll be be able to then release updates with new game modes very quickly. I’ve actually almost finished this already, seeing as I’ve once again left last week’s dev-blog till halfway through this week.

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