No more dev-blogs, for now at least

Good news: Zero G Arena has finally launched in Early Access, and so far is a big success. Am really busy though, as a result, and I don’t think this blog-thing is worth the time, since I’m pretty sure no one reads it.

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  1. haha yea I read it, this blog is usefull 😛

    I’ts awesome the work you’r doing (you~~ a full team or a single one doing this game?? D:)

    Long time ago since I feel that pleasure of playing competitive shooting game :) since quake3 XD I relle want to help you to improve this game! if you need some game testers I can get some friends (or youtube subs) to play incoming gamemodes to check it :)

    keep it up
    (if my english isn’t so good excuse me, it’s not my first lenguage ^^)

    • Oh, hi! Someone did read the dev-blogs then haha!
      It’s just me working on the game right now, I am seriously thinking about expanding the team though, at the moment.
      Yeah, the game is actually inspired by quake a fair bit, for the arena shooter elements, as you probably guessed.
      It’s very nice of you that you’d want to help test the game! Now that the game’s launched in Early Access, there are updates pretty regularly and I’m always glad to hear what people think of them.
      As for the dev-blog, I probably still won’t carry on with it, but I’m very active on the game’s forums here: so that’s the best place to keep up with the latest news now, and I’m always answering questions there too.

  2. Nooooo D: I read it! it’s so cool see how you work on this game! 😀

    I’ts a relle cool game! just need to add rankeds1 😀
    Long time ago since I feel that competitivity on a game! since quake3 XD

    GG dude :) if you need help to test future gamemodes or whatever just say iy yo me and I would love to help :)
    keep it up
    (english is not my first lenguage, so i’m not sure if i write everithing ok) 😛

    • Hi!
      Oh, was that you in the other comment too? It’s just the name and content is similar. I have to manually approve comments (due to constant spamming from spambots), so you might have thought your first comment didn’t work.
      Anyway, thanks for the interest in the game!

        • Oh no, it’s fine! I realise it could be confusing. You are actually the first human to comment on the website! Plenty of bots though, haha! Anyway, if you’ve got any feedback on the game, I’m always happy to hear it in the forums.

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