The game is set in zero-gravity, but you can walk on specific magnetic surfaces. These surfaces can be identified by their blue lights.

When your magnet is off, your character will float and you can navigate using the grapple beam and the wall jump (controls below). When you turn your magnet on, you will be pulled towards a floor, if you are in it’s magnetic field. When the character’s feet touch the floor, you will be in walking mode and can run about, like normal.

NOTE: The game now has rebindable controls, so the following are the defaults:

It is worth reading anyway, because some actions will not be listed in the edit controls menu.


Toggle magnet – E

Fire grapple beam – Right mouse (hold to keep active)

While grappling players or other moveable objects, the grapple will break if it is intercepted.

With advanced grapple control (AGC) off (default), the grapple will pull automatically. When on, it will not pull automatically, but the pull force can be adjusted with the below controls:

Reel in grapple (AGC) – Mouse wheel down (i.e pull yourself towards grapple point) (Increases pull force per movement of mouse wheel, up to a maximum)

Reel out grapple (AGC) – Mouse wheel up (stop pulling yourself towards grapple point)

WASD – Movement with magnet on

High Jump – Spacebar with no movement key pressed down

Standard Jump – Spacebar with a movement key pressed down, will jump direction of movement key

Long Jump/Dodge – Spacebar with movement key and CROUCH key pressed downnote: you will want to tap the CROUCH key and then the space quickly to do a long jump without crouching, and therefore loosing speed

Wall Jump – Spacebar + WASD in the direction you want to go. Will only work if there is a solid surface in the opposite direction, to kick off of. Note that if no key is pressed down the direction of the wall jump will be upwards relative to the camera orientation, like an ordinary jump.

The wall jump key can be held, for the character to wall jump as soon as the wall is in range

Melee Kick – Works exactly the same as wall jump, but damages and knocks players back. Note that if you’re kicking foward (in the direction off the camera angle, by holding the S key), the target needs to be in front of your character model, not in the reticule. This might change depending on feedback, my initial goal was to keep the same interface as the wall jump.

Crouch – CTRL

Fire weapon – Left mouse

Open in game menu – m

Show framerate/ping – h

Weapon switching:

Charge Laser – 1

Shotgun – 2

Megarail – 3

SMG – 4

Homer Gun – 5

Next weapon – R

Previous weapon – F

Show player list – tab (shows list of all players on the server, with score)

Zoom – Middle mouse button, or press and hold CAPSLOCK.

Listen servers

You can host a listen server from the “Host a listen server” menu and anyone will be able to see and join your server from the “Find a game” menu. The host can set the score limit and start the game from the in game menu, under the “game” tab. The host can also change the map (and set the game mode for the new map), but note there is currently a risk other players will be disconnected when you do this.